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The leisurely family meal, a staple for countless generations of Americans, has been taken off the table by the cold realities of 21st Century lifestyles. Parents juggle long work days, daily commutes, their children’s after-school activities, and endless demands of running a household. There just isn’t time.

But, families that eat meals together reap long-term benefits that feed the body, mind, and spirit. FCCLA is tackling this challenge through its national campaign, FCCLA @ the Table, asking its members to take a pledge to plan and prepare healthy meals for their families.

NJ FCCLA Members: Are you ready for a challenge? Your State Executive Council challenges you to join them in supporting FCCLA @ the Table. Remember, families that eat meals together experience long terms benefits that help their minds, bodies, and souls. Are you ready to take on the challenge? We challenge you to cook a simple yet healthy meal for your family and post a picture eating the meal with your family and use the hashtag #njfcclaatthetable to be featured on our Instagram!